Serving Suggestions for Aquiferra Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Use fresh, Aquiferra Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a dressing on green salads and pasta dishes.

It can be used to make bread, or as a dip with chunks of fresh crusty bread.

Splash it on green vegetables after cooking to compliment their flavours. It is especially good on green beans and, with a little lemon juice, on asparagus.

Sprinkled on fresh, sliced tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil releases the anti-oxidants in the tomatoes thus enhancing their health qualities. Add torn leaves of fresh basil.
A medley of vegetables, such as kumara, pumpkin, potato, onions and red peppers, is delicious roasted in Aquiferra Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Enjoy our range of flavoured oils in a variety of dishes


drizzle over salads, cooked green vegetables, chicken, fish


use with steaks, vegetables, pasta, prawns, bruschetta

Lime & Thai Chilli

perfect with all Asian style dishes, tomatoes, fresh shellfish, pasta

Herbs de Provence

A blend of rosemary, thyme, dill & bay.  Use to marinate meats, for roasting vegetables, on potatoes


drizzle on pan fried fish, tomatoes, salads, Mediterranean style foods

Lemon & Fennel

perfect with seafood, salmon, salads, mushrooms, pork, pasta, on vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of sea salt


use on salads, in baking, drizzled on fruit salad and ice cream